Net Zero Initiative: Amplifying Digital Authority in Energy


An International Energy Company with a vision for a sustainable future sought to establish itself as the leading authority on methane emissions, carbon pricing, and to gain brand visibility for its US Net Zero initiative.


The challenge was to pivot the brand’s digital perception, amplifying their authority on crucial topics within the energy sector while transitioning towards sustainable practices.


Edgy Labs crafted an intricate web of interlinking strategies and enhanced the content to solidify the company’s authority on chosen topics.


  • Queries Growth: The share of authority on related topics resulted in a 4.3x increase in queries.
  • Impressions Growth: Impressions related to these topics saw a growth of 6.8x and 7.3x, respectively.


This strategic pivot not only redefined the company’s digital presence but also solidified its stance as a leader in sustainable energy, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards net neutrality by 2050.