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At Edgy, our mission is to enable enterprise brands to maintain peak performance in SEO amidst rapid AI-driven changes.
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Continuously improve every aspect of our work.

Embedded in our DNA is a relentless drive to push boundaries and promote change. We redefine enterprise SEO through AI-driven innovation, making Edgy your go-to partner in the SEO race.
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Embedded in our DNA is a relentless drive.

At Edgy Labs our spirit is encapsulated by our unwavering drive. We embrace challenges with open arms, pinpointing objectives with precision. Our focus? To excel and be the best in every endeavor. This relentless pursuit of excellence defines every aspect of our work, ensuring that we consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients. With Edgy Labs, you’re partnering with a team that’s dedicated to setting and surpassing the highest standards.

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Forward-looking mindset rooted in a passion for change.

At Edgy Labs passion is the heartbeat of our approach. We are not just forward-thinking; we are forward-moving, driven by a deep-rooted passion for change and innovation. Our team’s enthusiasm is focused on shaping the future, always seeking new horizons and embracing transformative ideas. This passionate, visionary mindset ensures that we don’t just respond to changes — we lead them. By partnering with us, you tap into a dynamic force of passion that propels your business towards groundbreaking achievements.

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Bring a positive attitude to elevate yourself, others, and our work.

‘Elevation’ is at the core of our ethos. It’s about more than just achieving goals; it’s about uplifting ourselves, our clients, and our work with a positive approach to the most difficult of challenges. Every day, we strive to raise the bar, not only in the quality of our services but in the way we interact with each other and our clients. This principle of elevation ensures that every project we undertake is infused with a can-do attitude, driving us to excel and inspiring everyone involved. When you work with Edgy Labs, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re embracing a partnership that elevates every aspect of the experience.

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Changes come thick and fast in the world of enterprise SEO. Equip your brand with our comprehensive, AI-driven SEO approach. Get in touch with us this week and gear up for a future where your enterprise leads, not follows.
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Edgy Boosts Toyota’s Ecommerce SEO Success

Edgy expertly guided Toyota’s ecommerce migration to Adobe Magento, implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy that included redirecting 9 million URLs, optimizing 400k product descriptions, and enhancing site performance, ultimately improving user engagement and conversion rates.

Edgy Boosts Energy Giant’s Green Shift

Edgy successfully transformed an energy giant’s digital presence by crafting authoritative, semantically-rich content clusters, elevating their green initiatives to the top of search engine rankings and establishing them as a leader in sustainable business practices.

Aug 2020

Edgy Lifts Caliber Collision’s Online Reach, Ups Customer Gain

Edgy’s digital overhaul for Caliber Collision, merging four websites into one optimized platform and enhancing SEO, significantly amplified organic traffic, improved keyword rankings, and boosted location page visits, resulting in a notable rise in unbranded clicks and overall traffic value.