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Edgy Boosts Toyota's Ecommerce SEO Success

Edgy expertly guided Toyota's ecommerce migration to Adobe Magento, implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy that included redirecting 9 million URLs, optimizing 400k product descriptions, and enhancing site performance, ultimately improving user engagement and conversion rates.

Edgy Boosts Energy Giant's Green Shift

Edgy successfully transformed an energy giant's digital presence by crafting authoritative, semantically-rich content clusters, elevating their green initiatives to the top of search engine rankings and establishing them as a leader in sustainable business practices.

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Aug 2020

Edgy Lifts Caliber Collision's Online Reach, Ups Customer Gain

Edgy's digital overhaul for Caliber Collision, merging four websites into one optimized platform and enhancing SEO, significantly amplified organic traffic, improved keyword rankings, and boosted location page visits, resulting in a notable rise in unbranded clicks and overall traffic value.

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