Twitter rolled out its new 280 character limit for all users last week. We’ve rounded up some of the best reactions from Twitter users.ย 

Twitter has been testing increasing its character limit from 140 to 280 for the past few months.

Last week Tuesday, the microblogging site finally rolled out this update for a majority of its users in the U.S. This sparked mixed reactions and creative tweets from brands, celebrities, tv shows, authors, and more.

We’ve rounded up the best ones for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s How Twitter Reacted to the New Character Limit:

The Sports World Clearly Supports this Update

ICC tweeted the full names of Sri Lankan cricket players.

New York Yankees used the opportunity to show off a bit.

NBA Referees chimed in too.

From Space

Celebrities were least amused

Emergency services were just blowing their sirens

Brands got creative

TV Shows joined the fun

The NBC could still use a few more characters

Some users were still stuck in the past

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s new 280 character limit? Yay or Nah?

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