7 Communities Where you can Promote Your Next Content

where you can promote your next content

One of our worst fears: Spending hours of valuable time creating content and not knowing where to promote it.

Luckily, we’ve gone down that road plenty of times and have learned how to solve that problem.

We’ve already given you tips on how to leverage online communities to promote your content.

Today, we give you the communities where you can implement these tips to see immediate results.

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7 Communities Where you can Promote Your Next Content:

1. Google+ Communities

Where you can Promote Your Next Content
Google+ Communities

Google+ is still very relevant in the Social Media space. With over 150,000 communities on the platform, you can be sure to find a community for every piece of content you create.

Also, because Google+ is owned by Google, posting content on Google+ may help improve your SEO rankings as well.

2. Facebook Groups

where you can promote your next content
Facebook Groups

Facebook groups reached 1 billion users last year. This makes it one of the most widely used features on Facebook. Facebook groups allow people to connect with other like-minded users.

Whatever topic you can think of, we can bet there’s a Facebook group for it. Take time off your writing schedule to join and become active in some of the groups around your niche. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but community engagement is worth tens of thousands.

The next time you create content, you can share it with your newly found buddies.

3. LinkedIn Groups

where you can promote your next content
LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are very similar to Facebook groups. The only difference is that LinkedIn users are mostly professionals and thus the members of the groups will also be professionals.

With the right tailored content, LinkedIn can be a great place to share your next content.

4. Reddit

Reddit homepage

Reddit is the front page of the internet. Getting on the homepage of Reddit can drive an insane amount of traffic to your website–but Reddit is a very tough nut to crack.

Redditors are quick to ban. They hate promotion in any form so you have to get very creative in your content promotion on Reddit. Neil Patel wrote a great guide on how to use Reddit as a marketing channel. It’s a great starting point.

Once you figure it out, it can be your next content promotion destination.

5. Inbound.org

Inbound.org Homepage

Inbound.org is a community of over 200k marketers. A lot of discussions happen around various aspects of marketing. With most of the content being user generated, you can also share your content with the community.

Like any other community, becoming an active member of the community is key to getting your content appreciated.

Don’t just share your content, make meaningful contributions to improve the community.

6. Growthhackers.com

Growthhackers Top Posts Page

Growthhackers is similar to Inbound.org but Growthhackers is more targeted. As the name implies, their core audience is Growth hackers.

Growth hackers are very different from traditional marketers.

See Our Article on 5 Growth Hacking Success Stories You Can Learn From

Growthhackers is a great place to share every content Growth Hacking.

7. Hackernews

Hackernews Homepage

Hackernews community is mostly made up of tech savvy people, entrepreneurs, and politically minded people. This isn’t very surprising considering the site is owned by Y combinator, one of the most prestigious startup accelerators in the world.

Like Reddit, Hackernews can drive a lot of traffic to your website if you land on the front page.

Even though no one really knows how Hackernews ranks content, their guidelines page is a good starting point.

Which communities did we miss?

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