To all you fellow procrastinators out there, the time is running out to get your solar eclipse glasses. We couldn’t find any solar eclipse glasses in our local Walmart, Target, Kroger, etc. so we looked online. Helpful articles such as by the Times listed last-minute options but those have sold out as well.

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The key problem is shipping time. Two business day shipping means that you may not receive the glasses on Monday in time for the solar eclipse.

Here is just one remaining option for Kids on Amazon that we could trace down for you, ( while supplies last). These glasses would arrive at your door by Saturday:

kids solar eclipse glasses

And here is a remaining option on eBay for Adults. The seller promises they will arrive in a single day.

solar eclipse glasses on eBay

But those prices. Boy! Will someone please remind me to set my alarm for the next solar eclipse?

Wish I could take it back to the beginnin’
I coulda bought a place in Dumbo before it was Dumbo
For like two million
That same building today is worth twenty-five million
Guess how I’m feelin’? Dumbo

The video below explains why you shouldn’t look into the solar eclipse without glasses, and lists a few more creative and historical options should you have missed the very very last chance to buy a pair of glasses.

Stay safe!

If any reader finds other remaining options, please share in the comments (after you secured your own). Thank you so much!

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