A recent study published by Oxford University researchers investigated the impact of new technologies on employment, and highlighted how technology is not only transforming the nature of work in all sectors, but quickly automatizing more jobs than you think.

47% of US Jobs may be Automized

Machine Learning lecturer Dr. Michael A. Osborne and Economics researcher Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey of Oxford University attempted to establish a list of occupations vulnerable to automation in a study entitled “The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation?”. According to the team’s published research, almost half of all US jobs that exist today are at “high risk” of being replaced by machines over the next 20 years.

WorkingNation Responds

Automation is coming, and WorkingNation is a forward-thinking organization busy getting the US labor force ready.

In a context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and rising unemployment, WorkingNation advocates a strategic approach to help the US workforce stay competitive by ensuring access to training, employment information, and public resources.

WorkingNation also plays an advisory role by monitoring and consulting on government policies and decisions that affect employment in the US.

In hopes of informing as many people as possible, and as quickly as possible, the initiative is taking an innovative, visual approach to raising awareness about the project, automation and job security in the near future.

This short yet highly informative video not only clearly highlights the issues our economy will face over the next two decades, but also offers viable solutions to employment challenges that automation will inevitably present.

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