The 10 Best 2017 Solar Eclipse Photos From Last Week

2017 solar eclipse photos
"Earthshine: One of my goals in imaging the eclipse was to capture earthshine on the moon--sunlight reflected off the earth that illuminates the moon. Recently considered the holy grail in solar eclipse photography, it's not too hard (LOL!) now. This is a 42 image exposure bracket covering 14EV taken during Maximum eclipse." | Scott L. Taylor Photography

Last week, a solar eclipse was seen across all of the U.S. In fact, the totality was seen only in the U.S., thus some dub this the Great American Eclipse. 

Tens of millions of people came out to see the totality, and a partial eclipse was available to some 500 million people in North America and parts of South America.

This was the first U.S. eclipse in some 38 years. The last one, in late February 1979, only showed up for 5 contiguous U.S. states, whereas this one’s 60-mile wide totality went from South Carolina all the way to Oregon. That’s twelve states total that

That’s twelve states total that were able to experience the total eclipse. If you were hoping to see it from a big city, Atlanta was able to see 97% of the total eclipse.

In some places like Carbondale, Illinois, the totality of the eclipse lasted for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. During the totality when the sun is totally eclipsed by the moon, viewers are able to look at the phenomenon with the naked eye.

In our social media age, the witnesses to this amazing event took countless photos in the process and shared them across the world wide web.

Out of the lot, we’ve compiled what we see as the best.

Our featured image above is our #1, and it is also an exclusive courtesy of photographer Scott L. Taylor, who took the photo in the path of totality in Idaho Falls, ID.

Here are the 10 Best 2017 Solar Eclipse Photos From Last Week:

10. Totality in Wyoming by National Geographic Photographer Jimmy Chin

Jackson WY 11:38am 8.21.17 #eclipse2017

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9. Another one from Wyoming

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8. Budget Shot From Kingston, Ontario

7. Composite Photo of Progression at Newport, Oregon

6. Composite Totality in Nashville, Tennessee

We're still in amazement from what we witnessed last week during the eclipse! Photo credit: @sumsnet

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5. View from The Sky

4. International Space Station Flying in Front of the Eclipse

It’s hard to believe that any satellite will ever perform a better photobomb.

3. Composite Photo of Eclipse Above an Oregon Forest

Eclipse as seen from Oregon by @JasmanMander follow @ifyouhigh

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2. A Climber in Totality

The next U.S. eclipse will occur on April 8th, 2024. It’ll be a good one, too.

It will stretch from Maine to Southwest Texas, with a totality duration much longer than this go round at 4 minutes 27 seconds.

Did you experience the eclipse? Share with us some of your best shots!

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