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Theranos lab workers

Theranos Employees Mock WSJ Amid Elizabeth Holmes Sentence

A company once valued at $9-billion USD sits at the center of a huge controversy. Once poised to disrupt the medical testing industry, Theranos now stalls without funding and leadership. The U.S. Securities and...
how economies stay competitive protectionism

How Economies Stay Competitive in Industry 4.0: Less Protectionism

As the global economy evolves into Industry 4.0, every country will have to shift their economic priorities. Serving as an example for the future, South Korea has pledged against protectionism. Conversely, the U.S. led by...

Twitter Plus Bloomberg for Streaming; What’s Next for Fox News

As part of its plans to become a platform for nonstop live video streaming, Twitter has partnered with Bloomberg to create a 24/7 news streaming channel, which expected to launch this fall. Fox is...