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autonomous cars confused

Sensors Save you as Autonomous Cars Confused by Decals and Fake Signs

It's time to talk about the lesser-known savior of the autonomous car: the sensor suite. Read on to find out more about just how many eyes are included with a driving AI. We're so close...
comic book themes

4 Comic Book Themes that Made Elon Musk a Futurist

Elon Musk has a known penchant for reading in general, but there at least 4 ways comic books may have helped shape his persona. Co-founder and previous co-owner of PayPal and Zip2, current CEO of...

Hyperloop Might Work as a Rocket Launcher

Hyperloop, the proposed futuristic, superfast train travel between Earth's cities, could also revolutionize the field of space propulsion. The tech could be repurposed for launching rockets at record speeds with minimal cost and energy...