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Things you Need to Know About the Bad Rabbit Ransomware

Everything you Need to Know About the Bad Rabbit Ransomware

Computers in several European countries are going down due to a malware dubbed 'the Bad Rabbit' ransomware. Countries in Europe are now facing another cybersecurity threat. This time, they are fighting against the so-called Bad...
Russian APT28

Alleged Russian APT28 Used Spy Tools to Hack Hotels and Steal Info

An infamous cyber-espionage group was discovered by security analysts exploiting the same spy tools behind the WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks. Cyber security researchers from FireEye divulged in a blog post that an alleged Russian group...
New Combustion Engine

Mazda’s New Combustion Engine is all About Efficiency!

After years of research, world renowned Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corp claimed that they had finally developed the technology that will make diesel engines more fuel efficient. On Tuesday, the company announced that it had...