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Image of Mars

New Discovery Furthers Proof of Possible Life on Mars

Exposed to hostile conditions similar to those in outer space, bacteria have proven their resilience and raise hopes of finding microbial life in other worlds in the solar system. There are different “listening” programs, like...
explore these 6 extraterrestrial worlds with google maps

Google Maps Lets you Explore These 6 Extraterrestrial Worlds

Trumping Google Earth, Google Maps can leave Earth behind. Now, instead of zooming into places around Earth, Google Maps lets you zoom out to check some planets and moons in our solar system. It seems...
black hole

This Week in Space: 5 Things you Need to Know

The following is a wrap-up of the latest space stories, breakthroughs, and discoveries. Just biding your time while you wait to join the first colonists to a new planet? Us, too. 1. NASA Invests in 22...