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locky ransomware

20 Million Confirmed Attacks in 24 Hours: Locky and Other Ransomware

A new variant of the aggressive “Locky” ransomware hits 20 million confirmed attacks in a single day, warns a cybersecurity firm. Ransomware actors are sometimes incredibly sophisticated, demonstrating careful planning and methodical execution. Some hacker...
machine learning against web app attacks

How to use Machine Learning Against web app Attacks

Web applications have become a major target for cybercriminals, and the size and implications of the threat calls for drastic measures, like using machine learning to enhance security systems. In most cases we rely on...

Hacker Bots Fooled by Israeli AI Startup Unbotify

If you're like us, you tire of automated phishing attacks and an inbox full of bogus friend invites. Luckily, using an AI to analyze behavioral biometrics, a startup has developed a cybersecurity solution that...