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Meet Jetson Xavier, Nvidia's new AI Chip for Robots

Meet Jetson Xavier, Nvidia’s new AI Chip for Robots

Nvidia just introduced Jetson Xavier, its latest AI chip that is packed with around $10,000 USD worth of power. There is no doubt that Nvidia wants to be a player in the future of AI,...
WaveNet to Give Google Assistant a More Humanized Voice

Finally, a New Voice for Google Assistant Thanks to WaveNet

Google's hardware day is over, and one thing that you might have missed from the event is that Google Assistant sounded more like a human than a robot now--all thanks to WaveNet! Yesterday, Google unveiled...
Intel AI Chip Loihi

Brain-Mimicking AI Chip Loihi Just Unveiled by Intel

Intel officially joined the ranks of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and other tech companies in the artificial intelligence arena by unveiling its first AI chip. On Monday, the well-known CPU builder announced the arrival of Loihi,...