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Starship Survivor is a VR game built by Edgy Labs, in which you wake up from cryogenic sleep to an alien menace who took over your ship. Uncover dark secrets, build strategic defensive structures and take out monsters.

Now available on the Steam Store for HTC Vive VR!



You are the sole survivor of the Ouroboros starship. Survive mutated aliens who took over control of your ship and regain control, room by room. Fight different types of enemies in increasingly difficult and procedurally generated levels.


To successfully defend yourself against the enemy, you will upgrade your ships’ defensive systems. Build towers and shields, restoring power to the ship room by room. Use different tactics on the battlefield and manage your resources. Strategy is your best friend.


Collect, Energize and replicate crystal resources to pay the cost of building defensive structures and to upgrade them. Collect recipes to new technology. But remember, your enemy draws its strength from the same source and becomes stronger as you restore power.


Discover the beginning of the nail-biting sci-fi story behind Starship Survivor for free today, before it becomes a book on Amazon. What happened to Markus before he woke up to a monster-filled starship?


Starship Survivor is for sale on Steam. We support HTC Vive at this time, and are working on support for Oculus Rift. For Oculus, you will need a pair of Oculus Touch controllers.

We are actively investigating our options for supporting mobile and console VR but won’t have this available at launch.