Formed in the Event Horizon, these crystal spawns made-flesh spit dangerous projectiles potent enough to burn skin and melt armor. The Ranged Crawler moves by rapidly dragging itself forward with its mighty claws, which it’s all too happy to use on your body if you get too close.

This page is part of the Starship Survivor series, a virtual reality game created by Edgy Labs Game Studios.

Ranged Crawler Starship Survivor
We designed a creature which anatomy lends itself toward spitting out acid. A strong underbelly contracts as it attacks. | Edgy Labs Game Studios.

The crystal slot is an important gameplay aspect. Crystal is the game’s essential resource for building defenses and weapon upgrades. The crystal is also the power source of the monsters in Starship Survival. You can destroy the ranged crawler by destroying the crystal, but then you can’t use the crystal as a resource. Your call.

Ranged Crawler Starship Survivor Side Shots
The ranged crawler from different angles. This version features a triple claw and is the stronger sibling. | Edgy Labs Game Studios

You might encounter different variations of the ranged crawler. Here we designed versions with a single large claw, and one with three claws. Although its primary attack is ranged, do not underestimate the damage these claws can inflict on your armor.

Ranged Crawler Starship Survivor in Color
Wallpaper Edition | Edgy Labs Game Studios
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