Your crewmates were not so lucky. They were injected with the Test of Loyalty, a virus agent meant to reveal affiliation to the Consortium. And under influence of the crystal power source of the ship, that virus mutated.

This page is part of the Starship Survivor series, a virtual reality game created by Edgy Labs Game Studios.

floating brain large
Floating Brain Sketches | Edgy Labs Game Studios

Some crew members are more recognizable than others. In the case of the Floating Brain, they are not recognizable at all. The crystal has embedded itself in the brain, ripping it along with the guts out of its former host.

Floating Brain Color
Floating Brain | Edgy Labs Game Studios

The guts have been crystallized and emit so much energy that it can float in mid-air. The Floating Brain is primarily a ranged monster, emitting strong pulses of energy.

You will encounter it in our upcoming VR game: Starship Survivor.

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