Your former spaceship crew members became infected with the alien menace and were fused with a crystal power source, which was once part of your engine room. With the power of the crystals running through their veins, these crystal golems have gained incredible strength.

This page is part of the Starship Survivor series, a virtual reality game created by Edgy Labs Game Studios.


Crystal Golem Starship Survivor Side Views
The crystal golem from different angles. This version features a crystal skullcap and blue crystal. | Edgy Labs Game Studios

The crystal slot is an important gameplay aspect. Crystal is the game’s essential resource for building defenses and weapon upgrades. The crystal is also the power source of the monsters in Starship Survival. You can destroy the crystal golem by destroying the crystal above its head, but then you can’t use the crystal as a resource. You have to decide if your life is worth the crystal.

Crystal Golem Starship Survivor Blue Crystal
Wallpaper Edition | Crystal Golem with blue crystals. | Edgy Labs Game Studios

We have designed different versions of the crystal golem. You may encounter some of these in the game. The crystal golem below gained his purple crystal color when the blood of its human host fused with the blue crystal. A different type of mutation, but resulting in one of the strongest foes you will face.

Crystal Golem Starship Survivor Purple Crystal
Wallpaper Edition | Crystal Golem with purple crystals. | Edgy Labs Game Studios
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