When the ouroboros ship arrived at Event Horizon, a virus mutated due to the unstable crystal power source of the ship. Some of the crewmates had their flesh burn alive while still in stasis (a frozen state of sleep for deep space travel).

This page is part of the Starship Survivor series, a virtual reality game created by Edgy Labs Game Studios.

Line Version

We are not sure how to call this monster. Even the game designers called it a something, a thing. It’s evil looks scare us. Its flesh has burned away, and only the outside remains of this “thing.” Crystals have replaced what a beating heart was once.

Black & White Clawed Monster

If you encounter the Clawed Thing, it will run and jump at you, ready to tear you up with its crystal claws.

We wanted to design a fast & nimble counterpart to the Crystal Golem, but we genuinely can’t decide which one is scarier.

Clawed Thing rotation

Starship Survivor will be available for early access on the Steam Store holiday season 2016.

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