Recent news of an information leak about the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone revealed that the next generation phone from this series will use 3D face-detection.

Amid competition from Apple and Google, Samsung needs a better smartphone.

The iPhone X promises a highly “intelligent” phone that is “entirely screen”. The Google Pixel 3 also had some information leaks revealing a larger screen and a better camera.

There’s also nonmajor label competitors like Huawei smartphones. Our own writer Chelle had a lovely if unfortunate moment with her Huawei phone where she ruined it but was able to save all of her photos on the cloud.

Smartphones are getting smarter every day. If Samsung is going to keep up with the competition, it needs to give its all for the new S10.

With Korean outlet The Bell reporting leaked details, Samsung may be finding a way to keep up through imitating Apple.

image of Apple Face-ID recognition for article Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Hints at 3D Face-Detection Tech
Apple Face-ID recognition via

Biometric Data Breach Possibilities Expanded to Face

Apple incorporated 3D face-scanning technology as early as 2017 into their devices. It definitely had some major kinks, but it was a neat idea.

Samsung uses iris-scanning technology, but according to the leak, they will replace with this something similar to Apple’s face-scanning tech.

The Bell reported that the Israeli tech company Mantis Vision collaborated with Samsung for this new feature.

However, given how vulnerable the iris-scanning tech was, one wonders if the 3D face-scanning technology won’t be just as vulnerable. After all, DNA privacy and cyberbiosecurity matter more and more.

image of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for article Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Hints at 3D Face-Detection Tech
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 via CNET

Other Features Confirmed by the Leak

The leak also confirmed that the screen will be 5.8 inches for the Samsung Galaxy S10. The S10+ will probably have a screen of about 6.3 inches.

Most intriguing is the possibility that you can choose from different camera arrangements. You can potentially choose from two cameras, one camera, or three cameras. The three camera option is said to feature two rear-facing cameras.

The curved-edge screen will also make a comeback for the S10 launch, but don’t expect the announcement any time soon. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 needs to come out first and all sources indicate that it won’t launch until at least August of this year.

Do you think 3D face-detection is the next wave in smartphone security?

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