RenovaCare SkinGun Heals the Most Intense Skin Burns

RenovaCare SkinGun
RenovaCare SkinGun |

Scientists may have developed the holy grail of burn treatment, and they put it in the form of a gun. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but the potential applications of this device could change the game on severe burn relief.

The idea of a gun that sprays skin cells to help people with severe burns may sound farfetched, but even more surprising is that the gun is already being developed and tested. One example, the RenovaCare SkinGun, is the result of ten years worth of regenerative research, and even though it still hasn’t finished testing, it has shown us some promising results.

As the video says, the RenovaCare SkinGun sprays a person’s stem cells onto a burned area which then aids the skin’s healing process. It’s getting us a step closer to the dermal regenerator on Star Trek and allows us to solve a host of terrible problems associated with intense burns.

Controlling Intense Conditions with the RenovaCare SkinGun

Severe burn injuries are bad for more reasons that just lost skin. Often, people die from the infections that fester within the burns and lead to sepsis. One particular bacteria, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, takes advantage of the damaged tissue in burns it lacks a blood supply that can help fend off infection. To make matters worse, few drugs are effective against the little bugger.

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Traditional burn treatment uses healthy skin harvested from other areas of the body, which is applied in thin layers after the dead tissue has been removed. Having some skin harvested from one area of your body, however, isn’t exactly pleasant, and often requires powerful pain medication which can bring a whole new set of problems along. Patients then have to regrow more than one area of lost skin, which can take a long time and potentially land them in the intensive care unit for all the complications it brings.

The best way to avoid problems like these is to simply not have a lot of exposed, dead tissue, and that’s where the SkinGun comes in.

Quick Relief Saves Lives

A skin gun can be prepared relatively quickly, and without the additional need of surgery to acquire good skin. Such a quick recovery denies infection the chance to set, and frees patients up from long recovery times based on harming one part of their bodies to heal another (provided they had any good skin left).

In one instance, a patient volunteered to test the device and recovered from severe burns in just four days, with no scars:

If you’re a fan of medical miracles, don’t skip that video. The results are nothing short of amazing.

The RenovaCare SkinGun is not a commercially available technology. Yet, if it delivers relief near what has been seen in tests, we’re going to see one major injury get just a little less critical. Score one for science.

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