Renewable Energy Job Creation in the Millions

renewable energy job creation
Sonpichit Salangsing |

The year 2016 saw an increase to 10 million jobs worldwide in the renewable energies sector. By 2030, the number of people employed is projected to hit 24 million.

Aside from reducing the energy sector’s negative impact on the environment, renewables are creating new wealth and are becoming an important job creator for the 21st century.

Renewable energies have a great role to play in the transition to clean energy performance and a low-emission economy. That doesn’t mean an underperforming economy, either, as investments in renewable energies, research and development into large-scale projects, and construction and installation all offer significant opportunity for creating jobs.

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Renewable Energy Job Creation to Refuel the Global Job Market

That 10 million jobs number from 2016 is twice as much since the sector was first assessed in 2012, said the Abu Dhabi-based IRENA (the International Renewable Energy Agency).

IRENA released its newest report, Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2017, stating that sector employed 8.3 million people, excluding large hydropower, which, if included, the total renewable energy job creation number climbs to 9.8 million.

The biggest renewable energy employer is photovoltaic solar which, up 12% from 2015, provided 3.1 million jobs, mainly in China, the US, and India.

Liquid biofuels were responsible for 1.7 million jobs. Thanks to new installations (in the United States, Germany, India, and Brazil) the wind sector (+7%) created 1.2 million jobs. Solid biomass was responsible for 700,000 new jobs, and for biogas, 300,000 new jobs.

Asia (China) Taking the Lead in Renewable Energy Job Creation

According to IRENA’s projections, renewable jobs could rise to 24 million by 2030. “We expect that the number of people working in the renewables sector could reach 24 million by 2030,” said IRENA’s Director-General Adnan Z. Amin, “more than offsetting fossil-fuel job losses and becoming a major economic driver around the world.”

The current state of renewables is due to the growth in investments, which are a direct result of falling costs and the adoption of favorable policies by most countries.

And that seems to be the case for Asia and China in particular, where 3.6 million people worked in the sector in 2016, which constitutes 21% of global renewable energy jobs and a large chunk of renewable energy job creation.

Accounting for 62% of total renewable jobs–-compared to 50% in 2013-–Asia and China are continuing to create and sustain most of the world’s renewable energy development. Asia (China, Japan, India, Malaysia, and Thailand) has become a mecca for the manufacture and installation of photovoltaic systems.

Other countries ranking high on the list are: Brazil (876,000 jobs), the United States (777,000), India (385,000), Japan (313,000) and Germany (334,000).

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