Why Weather Manipulation Might be Real

weather manipulation
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Images captured by NASA satellites reveal what some call shocking proof of geoengineering activities that are changing the planet’s weather–others call these people alarmists and conspiracy theorists.

Climate change is a controversial topic, but the planet is warming and it’s hard to explain some bizarre recent weather occurrences.

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A pale blue sky, less sunlight, clouds with strange shapes, persistent chemtrails that stretch over the horizon–something’s not right here.

We’re usually quick to point the finger at the supposed culprit, climate change, but there’s enough evidence to suggest the existence of a more localized influence.

Put your tinfoil hats on, because we’re getting into conspiracy theory territory!

Geoengineering: Toward an Artificial Global Weather

Climate negotiations failed to keep up with the scientific consensus regarding the rate of global climate change.

Although there are feasible solutions to stabilize the planet, such as curbing CO2 emissions and renewables adoption, there are new technological solutions suggested by some researchers, businessmen, and public institutions as alternatives to heal the global climate.

Considered to be unrealistic and dangerous by most climatologists and environment organizations, geoengineering is gaining ground to the point of being cited in the latest IPCC’s AR5th (Fifth Assessment Report) as a potential route to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and manage solar radiation.

However, IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report does recognize the many risks and side-effects associated with climate engineering techniques.

Geoengineering, or climate engineering, refers to a myriad of techniques used on a large-scale as a “corrective approach” aimed at solving climate change by direct intervention in the global systems, mainly the atmosphere.

Science Says Geoengineering Risks Nullify any Possible Advantage

Geoengineering goes beyond mitigation greenhouse gas emissions, or adaptation techniques against to changes induced by warming, to act directly on earth’s climatic mechanisms themselves and control their effects.

The more conspiracy theorist types are pointing toward a military-industrial movement to promote climate engineering research and development. This is in spite of all the uncertainties and existential risks associated with this kind of alleged experimentation.

Scientists at Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research (Kiel, Germany) conducted a study where they evaluated effectiveness and risks of different geoengineering techniques, such as SRM (solar radiation management), afforestation, artificial ocean upwelling, ocean iron fertilization and ocean alkalinization.

According to researchers, who run simulations on an Earth system model, all the 5 techniques are either ineffective in reducing global warming or present potentially severe negative side effects.

To assess their true potential and verify their side effects, such interventions need full-scale experiments that may have long-term and possibly compromise the very planetary mechanisms and ecosystems we’re trying to save.

Proof of Weather Manipulation?

Some onlookers, who others call conspiracy theorists, have looked at these photos from NASA satellites and taken them as definitive proof of the ongoing geoengineering assault on the planet.

We’re more skeptical. Nevertheless, the images are a wonder to look at. Check out all of them here.

weather manipulation
“The hazy wispy composition of many “clouds” seen in these satellite photos are also a result of heavy atmospheric aerosol saturation. Unfortunately the vast majority of the population currently cannot distinguish between natural clouds and aerosolized artificial ‘cloud’ cover.” | Geoengineeringwatch.org | NASA

In the photos, abnormal cloud formations suggest their unnatural origin, because nature isn’t a big fan of square shapes, straight lines and 90° angles, or is it?

Toxic materials, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals are continuously pulverized in the atmosphere of the planet and manipulated by powerful radio frequency signals, and they have a strange impact on clouds.

In some cases, square clouds are created, and the photos show the differences in the cloud impacts according to the frequency of microwaves.

These radio signals are sometimes supposed to have originated from ionospheric heaters like HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Gakona, Alaska, the most notable U.S. geoengineering facility. Of course, HAARP was slated for shut down by the U.S. Air Force in May, 2014.

There are many other transmission installations around the world, some officially known and others completely secret.

NASA and other governmental agencies, however, don’t agree on the existence of geoengineering experimentation and often insist that it’s nothing but contrails, even if some of them stretch for 500-600 miles over the Eastern Pacific.

What do you think? Is this evidence of geoengineering or are these photos taken out of context?

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