On Tuesday, Google announced its plan to build another subsea cable that will connect the United States to Belgium.

According to reports, the massive subsea cable project will be laid across the Atlantic Ocean, connecting a Google data center in the U.S. to another one in Europe. The Dunant cable (named after Red Cross founder Henry Dunant) will start in northern Virginia and will end in France. However, the main purpose of the cable will be to connect the U.S. data center to the one in Belgium.

The company said the project is expected to be completed and operational by 2020.

To date, Google already owns a private underwater cable. Called the Curie cable, it was relatively shorter and was built to connect Los Angeles to Chile. The company has also invested on consortium-driven cables that run across the Atlantic and the Pacific, with a few already set to go online next year.

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The development of the Dunant cable will give Google an exclusive network capacity across one of the busiest routes on the Internet today.

“Dunant adds network capacity across the Atlantic, supplementing one of the busiest routes on the internet, and supporting the growth of Google Cloud. We’re working with TE SubCom to design, manufacture and lay the cable for Dunant, which will bring well-provisioned, high-bandwidth, low-latency, highly secure cloud connections between the U.S. and Europe,” Jayne Stowell, Google’s Strategic Negotiator wrote in a blog post.

Aside from its Dunant subsea cable project, Google has also announced several major expansions to its global cloud infrastructure. The initiatives will reportedly help the tech company offer high-quality services to its customers. Google’s expansion project includes the introduction of its new cloud regions in the Netherlands, Montreal, Finland, and Los Angeles.

Do you believe that owning their subsea cables instead of going through a consortium of companies will make non-telecom companies like Google more efficient in providing data services to its customers?

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