Magic Leap Hardware to be Released Within the Next Six Months

Magic Leap Hardware to be Released Within the Next Six Months
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The internet is now abuzz with the news circulating online that the mysterious Magic Leap hardware is about to be released in the next few months!

Bloomberg, in one of its reports last week, cited that the Florida-based startup hopes to ship its first Magic Leap hardware to a ‘small group of users’ within the next six months. Stressing three people familiar with the company’s plans as the alleged source of the news.

While Magic Leap Inc. has yet to reveal the release date of its long-awaited hardware, the Magic Leap One, Bloomberg’s sources confirmed that its debut price will be between $1,500 and $2,000 USD.

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Magic Leap rose to popularity after attracting high-profile investments from globally renowned tech giants such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Qualcomm Inc., and Alphabet Inc.’s Google. According to reports, Google directly invested in the said startup company, which placed CEO Sundar Pichai on the board.

Magic Leap: Investments and the Magic Leap One

To date, Magic Leap’s current value stands at $4.5 billion USD, backed mainly by Alibaba, Google, and Andreessen Horowitz. However, reports said that the company is now negotiating with Temasek Holdings Pte., an investment company owned by Singapore, for a new round of financing that is estimated to worth over $500 million USD.

Should Magic Leap and Temasek reach a deal, the mixed-reality company’s value would come close to $6 billion USD!

Despite the investments and popularity that the company gained, details of the alleged Magic Leap hardware has not been released. Right now, all people have are the series of videos published on the company website that was allegedly shot, directly, through the Magic Leap technology.

According to Bloomberg’s reliable sources, the Magic Leap hardware would be bigger than a pair of glasses, but smaller than virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift. Furthermore, the alleged headset would require users to carry a puck-shaped device which was said to be around the size of a smartphone. The additional device would provide the wireless processing and information to the headgear.

Apparently, Magic Leap’s ambitious goal of developing its own hardware and software together with the expensive electronic components that the device requires, are the two primary reasons why the company is in need of great financing.

In his blog post published in January of this year, Magic Leap founder and CEO, Rony Abovitz said:

“Our first system will be the first step towards a really cool dream. Of flying squirrels and sea monkeys and rainbow powered unicorns. Of most anything you can imagine. Powered by very serious engineering and technology, built and designed by some of the best engineers and scientists in the world, with all of us dreaming the same dream.”

Among the lofty promises made by Magic Leap was the light-field technology that it would equip its device. The company claimed that the said technology would simulate 3D images superimposed on the real world, which in turn would create mixed reality.

Abovitz explained that the system would project patterns into the eye and would let the user see virtual objects naturally, simulating how people see things in reality.

While the Magic Leap hardware looks promising, Abovitz’s ambitious claims of how his company’s technology would change consumer lives have made some people skeptical of the final product. Still, the mystery shrouding the Magic Leap hardware is enough to raise excitement for its upcoming release.

Do you think the Magic Leap hardware would live up to its promise of changing the lives of consumers looking for better AR experiences? Let us know in the comment section below!

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