Internet of Things Development

Despite security concerns, the tech world has been inching and sometimes sprinting toward the world of the “Internet of Things” or a world in which the interconnectivity of machines and services/products goes beyond machine to machine. In effort to stay ahead of this curve, Edgy Labs offers such services as:

Machine-to-Machine Connectivity

  • Data Acquisition and Interpretation
  • Biosensors Research
  • IoT Security
  • IoT Technological Consulting

At the four-way stop of hardware, software, data, and services, Edgy Labs stands in the middle, ready to tackle questions like “What does automation mean for society?” and “How does a self-driving car or wifi enabled trash can affect my business?” Our strategy is simple: identify, analyze, and execute.

  • Identify your current situation
  • Refine business/technical strategies in tandem with collaboration models
  • Establish dedicated timelines and goals that fit your budget
  • Identify potential roadblocks that may impede efficacy/efficiency
  • Craft an action plan to ameliorate any issues during execution

Not only can we connect you with experts to counsel you, but we can also offer insights into your current structure to enhance capabilities and reach by utilizing facets of the “Internet of Things” approach to producing results like the following:

  • Increased reach and audience engagement
  • Business process optimization
  • New sources of revenue
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced and new experiences
  • Improved execution of services and/or manufacturing of goods/products
  • Increased productivity

The phrase “Internet of Things” has come to reference tons of concepts over the years, but, as of today, it means the future and how your business is going to adapt to it. Email us at to equip your company with the right tools to become a pioneer in your industry.

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