With the number of social media platforms we have today, there is no better way to promote your next event than through online platforms.

There is no doubt that using social media to promote your next event is one of the best ways to gain the attention of people. With so many platforms to utilize, you can get the news out to your audiences faster, regardless of where they live.

Events are essential parts of any marketing strategy. In fact, in a report by Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic, the majority of the people they surveyed said that they are more inclined to make purchases after attending an event.

Furthermore, about 95 percent of marketing experts also agreed that live events provide better opportunities for people within the digital marketing world to form connections and grow their networks.

Nowadays, many of these live events owe their success to social networking sites. In fact, it is said that 88 percent of companies use social media to spread event awareness. Also, around 70 percent of top companies and brands today said that social marketing is a critical part of their event programs.

Promotion plays a significant role in ensuring the success of an event. Meaning, a solid social media strategy coupled with your promotional efforts will determine the success of your event and the experience your guests will have.

That said, here are some tips that you can use to promote your next event using social media effectively.

Choose Your Social Network Platformsuser engagement status

Before you plan your promotion for your next event, it is essential that you first choose your social networks. While many believe that it is more useful to just promote in every social media available today, it’s not really the case.

Depending on your industry and the audience you want to reach, not all social media platforms will be effective for your promotional campaign. Sometimes, you just have to pick at least three platforms and you will be well covered.

Here’s a quick overview of the social networks to serve as your guide:

  • Facebook – Facebook is an excellent place to share online updates for your next event and get your followers engaged. Plus, you may take advantage of Facebook’s paid promotion to target specific groups.
  • LinkedIn – If you’re promoting B2B or industry networking events, LinkedIn is a good online place to begin your campaign. This social media platform for professionals is a perfect choice to share company-related news and event announcements.
  • Instagram – Instagram is the best choice if you want to promote brand-related events.
  • Twitter – If you want to create excitement within the community before or during the event, get your audience engaged through Twitter. Encourage them to use your event hashtag and tweet live updates.

Content Calendar

Sample Content Calendar for your next event promotion
Content Calendar Sample | Kapost

After choosing the social media platforms where you will promote your next event, it is now time for you to create a content calendar. For this, you need to determine the scope and size of your event so you can plan your social media strategy accordingly.

It is essential that you make a comprehensive social strategy so you can reach your targeted audience without burning a hole in your pocket. There are three things that you need to create your social network strategy:

  • An Official Hashtag
  • Cross-social network promotion
  • Call to actions and links from your social media to the ticketing provider

Managing a social media promotion is a daunting task. That is why it is highly advisable that you place everything in a content calendar ahead of time. With a content calendar, you may schedule when to share your tweets, Facebook updates, and even blog posts.

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Use Analytics Tools to Monitor Your Campaign

Social media analytics tools
Social Searcher | www.social-searcher.com

Once you start promoting your next event on different social media networks, it is now time to keep track of your performance.

It’s not enough that you rely on your content calendar tool, you must also use analytics tools to monitor the performance of your posts. That way, you will have first-hand knowledge of which posts are being shared the most and on what times or days you get the most engagement from your followers.

This information is vital so you can tweak your strategy as quickly as possible if it’s not gaining traction. It would help you improve or modify your social media strategy.

Create Share-Worthy Promotional Posts

Create share-worthy post

When creating content that you will share on your chosen social media platforms, make sure that they are share-worthy.

Take the time to analyze your audience. Using the data from your analytics tool, figure out what kind of posts are enticing to your followers. Take advantage of those elements and incorporate them in your other promotional posts throughout the event.

It is also advisable to make a teaser a day or so before your event. Get your target audience excited by sharing information like guest line-ups, feature presentations, or if there will be special performances.

During the event, make sure that your official hashtag is visible in every corner of the venue. It will encourage people to share live feeds on social media and eventually boost your engagement.

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Use Live Video on the Day of the Event

facebook live video
Tom Sundström | Flickr.com

One effective way of promoting your next event is through live Facebook videos. It doesn’t necessarily have to last for hours or take up a lot of your time or resources. Just quick livestreams of what is happening behind the scene or live on-stage.

According to Facebook Live, people spend over 3 times more time watching live FB videos and comment 10 times more than usual on them. Furthermore, about 30 percent of people who watch a livestream of an event reportedly attended the same event the following year.

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After-Event Engagement

Not because your event is over, you will immediately forget the people who supported it. If you want to encourage your audience to attend your next event, remain in touch with them. There are plenty of ways to do that like inviting them to share photos and videos of their experiences during the event.

Most importantly, request feedback from your audience and motivate them to re-share some of your event posts. Also, don’t forget to thank everyone for making your event a huge success.

Have you ever tried promoting your live event on any social media platform? 

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