Google is now providing grants and office space totaling $2.8-million to Colorado entities.

Google has amped up its community-focused activities of late.

Earlier this month, they awarded $250,000 USD to nonprofits in Cleveland, Ohio. The award included prizes for grant money and training. But Google pushed its charitable endeavors further with their latest donations.

Besides the clear educational aspects, what do these grants say about Google’s future?

image of charity icons for article $2.8-million USD Grant Supports Diversity and Democratization in Tech
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Supporting Diversity and Democratization

The nonprofit organization NCWIT needed a new headquarters to grow. They provide a community for more than 1,100 learning institutions and government entities to increase interest and opportunity in computing for girls and women.

You might be surprised to find out that female professionals make up only 26% of professional computing occupations. Along with small startups led by women, many people in tech want to become more inclusive for women.

This starts with enhancing learning opportunities that lead to job opportunities.

In support of this push toward more equality in tech, Google lent office space in Boulder, CO to the nonprofit. The donation included a six-year lease with the old Google office valued at $1.3 million USD.

The other part of the $2.8 million USD grant included a gift to the University of Colorado.

Specifically, Google donated a $1.5 million USD grant to the PhET Interactive Simulations project. This project delivers free science and math simulations around the world. Today, it’s available in more than 90 languages in order to reach more people.

Google Shapes the Future of Tech

These donations signal that Google wants to support more diversity in the tech world as well as the democratization of information through technology.

But, it also signals that Google wants a bigger stake in shaping the future of tech.

A large aspect of remaining a leader in such a giant industry is being able to read signs of the times. With these donations, Google is showing the world its intentions and predictions for the future. This is something I’m sure we are all happy with as long as it continues to be given in the form of charitable donations.

What will Google’s next big charitable grant support?

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