3 Ways to Generate Partnerships by Lead Nuturing

lead nuturing
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Don’t let your marketing strategy fall flat. Use these three tips to analyze what you have done and what you could do better. Hook clients and keep them coming back for more.

The Internet has shaken up business in recent decades, changing the face of sales and marketing. If you want to keep your competitive edge, you need to make sure that your inbound marketing efforts are up to snuff. Here are three tips for generating quality client relationships by lead nurturing from Brian Hughes, CEO of Integrity Marketing & Consulting:

1. Know Your Clients

Sometimes success can come from knowing your audience. Pursuing a lead that goes nowhere is a waste. Just like when you design a marketing campaign for your business, having a target audience is the first step to tailoring content and services to them.

When you analyze your list of clients, try categorizing them into those that generate the biggest profit margin and those that are easy to work with. Examining why certain clients fall into those categories will give you an idea why they hired your business, which can, in turn, tell you what your ideal clients are like.

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Once you have a profile for your ideal client, you can compare that to your leads to sort out the ones that probably aren’t worth your time.

2. Don’t forget A/B Testing for Your Call-to-Action

A/B testing is a growth hacking technique that has been proven to increase a companies’ bottom line. By helping them find the best possible variation for their landing page or website, less is left to chance. Simply put, it makes customers comfortable enough to buy.

Let’s say that you have plenty of traffic but not so many sales. You notice that most of the traffic stops just before the checkout page. It might be that a tweak in the design of your ‘Buy now!’ button that could nudge people to click.

In order to test that theory, set up two versions of that page and split the traffic randomly between them. By monitoring the data coming from each version, you will get a better sense of which design is working better.

Testing like this gives you a bit of understanding about how your sales numbers come to be, and that brings us back around to the first point. If knowing your client is a valuable tool, A/B testing is one way to gather that knowledge.

3. Make a Habit out of Lead Nurturing

Most of the leads that come from inbound marketing aren’t ready to purchase. When they are, you want to be the company they consider. You achieve that by lead nurturing.

You need to stay connected with your leads if you are going to be their ‘go-to’ company, and doing so has been proven to pay off immensely. According to Forrester Research, companies that have developed lead nurturing programs generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads that cost 33 percent lower per lead.

Whether it’s e-mail, Skype, or in person, keep in touch with your potential clients, and you’ll be the one they reach out to when the time for an actual sale comes along. This process is almost opposite to the first step because you are letting the client identify you, but the way you nurture their interest can also teach you how to reach out to other potential customers.

Know your customers, test your calls to action, and practice lead nuturing. These may seem like small details, but they can add up to significant profit over time.

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