This article details breaking news about free to play Fallout 4 for Xbox One owners. It also briefly details news about E3 2018 leaks about games like Borderlands 3, Rage 2, and Battlefield V.

Everyone is on bated breath waiting for what’s going to happen at E3 2018.

Though we won’t know what happens for sure until it happens, Xbox One owners can enjoy a little treat for themselves this upcoming weekend.

image of Sole Survivor and Dogmeat in Fallout 4 for article Calling all Gamers: It's not Fallout 5, but Fallout 4 is F2P on Xbox This Weekend
Fallout 4 | Bethesda via

Hang out With the World’s Best Doggo in a Post-Apocalyptic Nuclear Wasteland for Free

Xbox One users can try Fallout 4 for free this weekend using this link.

It only costs between $10 – $25 USD to grab on any given day, so you can easily pick it up if the free weekend strikes your fancy.

Though you can get the base digital download on Amazon for cheap, I’d recommend the Game of the Year edition. You get all six expansions for just $30 USD.

Leaks Lead to Early Official Announcements

Walmart reportedly leaked news of Rage 2 which Bethesda already confirmed. You can watch the newly released gameplay trailer above.

The leak included news of Borderlands 3, Gears of War 5, and more. Sadly, there was no news about Fallout 5 or the next Elder Scrolls installment.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah also just confirmed that Battlefield V details will emerge soon. Who knows whether or not developer EA/Dice will jump on the Fortnite Battle Royale bandwagon.

But let’s hope the classic war game sticks to its roots as with Battlefield 1.

We can’t say the same for the next Call of Duty: Black Ops installment which announced its Battle Royale mode today.

But Ubisoft also announced Division 2 which will release within the year

Will the almost-Destiny-killer have a Battle Royale mode or will devs resurrect the fan favorite “survival mode” from the first Division game?

Wherefore art Thou Fallout 5?

Since Bethesda went hard on the Rage 2 release, it seems unlikely that we will get a new game in either franchise this year.

This lines up with our predictions in our monster Fallout 5 article. If free Fallout 4 isn’t enough for you, give it a read and let us know about your fan theories and predictions in the comments.

What announcement are you most looking forward to for E3 2018?

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