5 Hobbies That Make you Smarter

five hobbies that make you smarter
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These days, most of us spend hours on our devices. Whether on a train, at work, or the living room, it’s easy to get stuck on social media or caught up in checking out what’s trending on the Internet.

But, if you really love technology and are looking for a new hobby, wouldn’t it be good to know which activities can help you build brain power? Here are five techie hobbies with the power to make you more intelligent – all while you have fun, relax and pick up a new skill.

1. Home Automation

For those that appreciate more practical projects, focusing on home upgrades could be a worthwhile hobby. Check out a simple, programmable controller like Raspberry Pi that can help you automate everything from your garage door opener to security and temperature management.

2. Web Design

Creating web spaces can be a good way to learn a little in many subjects. From basic programming to typography and illustration, web design is an integral service that gives a face and voice to businesses, movements, and entertainment.

The internet continues to become more and more a part of our lives. Consequently, learning how to throw together a solid web page will be a beneficial skill for years to come.

3. Digital Music Production

Even for an amateur, digital music production is loads of fun. What’s better, there are at least a dozen multitrack recording software suites for you to get to know (some of them are even free!). Within a few hours, a sound sample and a speech synthesizer, you can create something that gets you and your friends moving.

Hard to believe, but such a creative task can actually increase your reading comprehension and mathematical recall.

4. Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are more than a way to get jocks and geeks in the same chat room. When you get down to it, a successful fantasy team takes real consideration of probability and statistics.

In Fantasy, you build a lineup and of players who score based on real games to contribute to an overall score for your team week to week.  This activity can also help you learn to use math for solving complex problems.

“A beginner could soon find themselves mastering complex concepts.”

5. Game Programming

Technology practically controls our modern world. Being able to communicate with computers via coding and programming enables you to take control of our evolving technological landscape.

It might seem like fun and games, but software development projects can equip you with the tools to create a long and successful career. A beginner could soon find themselves mastering complex concepts.

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