FarmBot Genesis Grows all of Your Produce by Itself


Managing a garden is a full-time job. With a career of one’s own, even someone who wants to grow their own food might find a vegetable garden impractical. Luckily, automation technology can help. Check out the FarmBot Genesis, which can monitor and manage a garden big enough for all of your produce needs by itself.

Farmbot Inc. is a for-profit, California Benefit corporation that developed FarmBot Genesis. They develop open-source products, meaning blueprints and designs are available to the public for free. They also sell DIY product kits for those who wish an easier time building their own.

Benefits of the FarmBot Genesis

1. Operating in a 1.5m x 3m area, the FarmBot Genesis can satisfy the entire year’s produce needs for one person. Think of the savings at the grocery store. Luckily, too, the FarmBot’s area can be customized to produce more food. If you purchase the $3,900.00 USD DIY starter kit from FarmBot Inc., you can expect a return on investment in 3-5 years.

2. FarmBot Genesis serves as an intermediary between two of Edgylab’s favorite technologies: automation and 3D printing. A machine will take your garden from seed to harvest.

“Operating in a 1.5m x 3m area, the FarmBot Genesis can satisfy the entire year’s produce needs for one person.”

3. The ability to grow sustainable crops is one of the technological advancements that enabled our species to create civilization. Think of where practical advancements like these could take us next.

4. Given the open source nature of Genesis, collaboration is encouraged. Collaboration only helps improve and refine technology more quickly. This leads to a more commercially viable and cost effective product for everyone.

5. FarmBot can simultaneously teach kids what food really is and where it comes from. Add the responsibility of maintaining the machine and planning its growth cycles, and you have a machine that can improve your quality of life in many ways.

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