Reddit, a hub of inventive fans and creators, has taken the theme of Avengers: Infinity War and truly made it its own.

On Monday, The Thanos fan subreddit r/thanosdidnothignwrong will be banning half of its members in the spirit of Thanos. This is all for the good of all, of course. But some fans want Josh Brolin, the actual actor who portrayed Thanos, to be the one to do it.

What does the Reddit want to do and how will the actors be involved?

This goes without saying, but this article contains spoilers for avengers: infinity war.

image of User The-Jedi-Apprentice comment for article Fans Petition Josh Brolin, Tom Holland to Join Thanos Reddit ban
User The-Jedi-Apprentice on Thanos subreddit | Reddit

Thanos Reddit Ban Planned for July 9th

After the explosive success of Avengers: Infinity War and Thanos’ debut in the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite, the Mad Titan is seemingly everywhere. As such, many people adopted an affinity for the more sympathetic portrayal the Russo Bros. presented in this year’s Avengers: Infinity War film.

The user behind the original idea (The-Jedi-Apprentice) wanted the ban to take place on July 4th. However, due to the holiday, Reddit’s engineers wouldn’t be available.

That means that the ban will happen on July 9th, effectively banning 50% of the r/thanosdidnothingwrong users at random in true Thanos style.

While I definitely and 10,000% disagree with the concept of this subreddit, this idea is pretty grade A. The supporting Twitter isn’t half-bad either.

The hype around this ban knows no bounds among Reddit users. Many delight in this future Thanos Reddit ban, despite the fact that some of these users will end up getting banned from the subreddit.

Someone even added captions over the aforementioned Vormir scene to fit the upcoming Reddit ban. Yes — it is as kitschy and entertaining and you’d think it would be.

Reddit: Banfinity War – Part II from thanosdidnothingwrong

Naturally, in order to participate in the ban, you must have a Reddit account. Then, simply comment, post, or subscribe to the subreddit r/thanosdidnothingwrong. Then, on that fateful upcoming day July 9th, perhaps you will get dusted just like Spiderman.

Speaking of which…

image of User americanextreme comment for article Fans Petition Josh Brolin, Tom Holland to Join Thanos Reddit ban
If there’s anything that Tom can do well, it’s accidentally spoiling a surprise for everyone | americanextreme on Thanos subreddit | Reddit

I’m Here for This (but it Totally Won’t Happen)

As the Banfinity War – Part II video above suggests, the ban will likely use a bot. That makes giving Tom Holland a list to spoil kind of impossible. Unless, of course, the bot can deliver names without executing at the same time.

However, more than 96,000 users on the subreddit voted for Thanos actor Josh Brolin to bring balance to the Sub. But some users thought that the actor wouldn’t do it unless he got paid in some way. Kalsifur did some quick maths, so we don’t have to:

image of User Kalsifur on Thanos for article Fans Petition Josh Brolin, Tom Holland to Join Thanos Reddit ban
User Kalsifur on Thanos subreddit | Reddit

Other users suggested they pay Brolin “Exactly 1 Gamora” (lol, sad).

Regardless of whether or not Josh Brolin would agree to the Thanos Reddit ban, I don’t think he knows yet. He doesn’t have a Twitter and his Instagram account seems void of recent Thanos references.

There’s also a slight irony in this decision by the subreddit. News of the ban going ahead led the subreddit’s subscribers to jump from 100,000 to 400,000 – effectively meaning the subreddit will double in size instead of becoming half of its original number.

Nearly half a million people are actively involved in this fan experiment with millions more being spectators to the lead up to the ban.

In March alone, 1.6 billion individual users visited the Reddit at some point. With this event being all over the front page of the site, it’s likely that hundreds of millions of individuals will see at least a portion of this fan experiment.

For entertainment advertisers and creators, this should be a wakeup call. Fans are becoming more creative, inclusive, and important in how a film, tv show, or album is seen and represented. Reddit is a goldmine of fan interaction and generation, and hopefully, the Banfinity War series will bring in a new wave of inventive and inclusive forms of appreciation for fans and creators alike.

If Josh Brolin doesn’t “push the button”, who would be your choice to enact the Thanos Reddit ban?

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