Facebook TV, Amazon Twitch on the Edge; YouTube Must Respond

Facebook TV
Mark Zuckerberg | Frederic Legrand - COMEO | Shutterstock.com

Facebook is set to launch its own TV shows next month, with more than a dozen long and short form entertainment for the project’s initial push. Amazon’s Twitch also is planning on streaming what they hope to be next-gen “choose your own adventure” TV shows.

Acquiring broadcasting rights, live streaming deals, producing unique video content, and creating TV channels… Big announcements keep rolling in from Internet giants. After Twitter and Bloomberg’s deal to launch a 24/7 news streaming channel, now it’s Facebook and Amazon’s turn to provide the proof that TV is not dead–just changed.

Facebook TV Shows

Facebook has a whole business strategy geared towards video. Looking to rake in TV ad dollars, Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear that the company is pushing to become “video first.”

“I want to start by talking about our work around putting video first across our apps,” said Zuckerberg last year during a FB Q3 earning call.

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According to Business Insider, Facebook is developing a couple dozen TV shows and plans to launch them mid-June 2017. Two tiers of programs are planned: long, big-budgeted shows following the TV traditional format, and other, shorter video clips of about five to ten minutes with smaller budgets that would be updated every 24 hours.

While the FB newsfeed is already home to short videos, users’ reaction to long traditionally-made shows is unclear at this point. That said, Facebook TV has yet to be confirmed, as FB has declined to comment on the news.

Amazon Twitch: Choose Your own TV Adventure

Three years ago, Amazon made headlines with its $1 billion acquisition of Twitch. Founded in 2011, Twitch is a video game streaming platform and gamer community that caters mainly to young viewers.

Amazon Twitch
Last August, Amazon purchased Twitch for $1 billion | Amazon.com

Searching for a new way to cash in on its community of 9.7 million daily users and over 2 million streamers per month, Amazon Twitch is now planning to stream traditional TV shows, but with a twist. Amazon Twitch users will have a say on the development of the produced programs. Let’s say viewers see an episode of a show and then comment and provide feedback about what they liked or disliked and how they want the story to be developed. Producers would take users input into consideration and might change next episodes to reflect it.

Although it may find a favorable echo among Twitch users, this “choose your own adventure” strategy requires high production values, as episodes need to be scripted and produced during the week, all while having to integrate users plot points.

YouTube on its Decline

All this doesn’t bode well for YouTube, which is facing backlash from advertisers whose ads were placed over questionable content. This long-standing, internet video platform has already lost 5 percent of its top tier North American advertisers.

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