Facebook is taking a gamble on a new “funded news” section on their platform. Will this allow them to compete with other online media outlets like YouTube?

In an effort to curb some of the distrust garnered recently, Facebook is putting more effort into its own content. This now includes Facebook-funded news from various outlets.

What will the Monday launch include and which outlets got in on the project?

image of newspaper with dollar signs over it for article Facebook Releases its own "Funded News" This Monday
Is having news outlets being specifically funded by their host the new way forward? | Image via TechCrunch

Big Names for a Big News Experiment

Originally announced in June of this year, the Facebook News line-up includes some heavy hitters and big names.

However, the social media platform didn’t seem to offer opportunities to smaller publishers. Given that recent changes to its algorithm harmed small publishers, companies may still target Facebook for exclusionary practices.

But that won’t stop the following outlets from trying to leverage the new project:

  • CNN
  • Fox News Channel
  • ABC News
  • Univision
  • Quartz
  • ATTN
  • Advance Local
  • Mic

This also means content from ABC-owned stations such as Bloomberg, McClatchy, Buzzfeed, Tegna, and NowThis will all be included in the project.

According to Facebook, each news outlet will have its own show in the “Watch Section”. The company wants people to “come together around video”. This continues Facebook’s move to compete with outlets such as YouTube in video services.

Sections on subjects like gaming will come after the initial round of content.

What shows would you watch via Facebook-funded news?

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