Edgy Labs Ethics Statement

Edgy Labs strives to build user trust and provide the best experience for our readers. All our editorial staff, writers, freelancers and contributors are required to abide by this ethics statement.


Affiliate programs often pay a commission on sales, pay per click, or pay per impression. Edgy Labs articles may include affiliate links as a form of advertising. Where affiliate links are generated independently of our editorial staff, our content is naturally free from third-party influence. In case a member of the editorial staff includes an affiliate link to a piece of work, we will put the following disclaimer:

This article contains affiliate links placed by the editorial team. Please refer to our Ethics Statement for additional information.


Advertisers may offer monetary compensation to feature their ad on our site. Whenever we make use of ads, we strive to mark them as “infomercial” or “advertisement.” We have a dedicated sales & revenue team in charge of ad sales. Our content policy prohibits disguising ads as editorial content to promote other companies (including their products and services).


We welcome suggestions but retain full editorial discretion about what we publish on our site. As a general policy, we do not compensate for tip submissions.


It’s common practice for news organizations to sell services or products (T-shirts, mugs, etc.) to supplement their income, but our services are quite a bit more sophisticated. In the case of Edgy Labs, our services are our primary source of revenue. And that makes us less dependent on advertiser revenue. We believe this leads to better reporting. No matter what other news sites may claim regarding independent editorial opinion; you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

We have separated our news (blog) posts from services pages in our news feeds and site structure. You can access our news-only feed from https://edgylabs.com/news-sitemap.xml. With this feed, we strive to exclude all content which refers to our products or services.

You may learn about Edgy Labs’ products and services through our services page or from a site advertisement. If you learn about it in an article, the article will come with the following disclaimer:

This article contains a reference to Edgy Labs products and services. Please refer to our Ethics Statement for additional information.


Any opinion contained within any piece of content on Edgy Labs is solely the opinion of the individual writer, and should never be understood as an approval or endorsement by Edgy Labs, LLC as a company.


Members of our team are sometimes requested to appear on tv, radio, or other media as experts. Such professional appearances should never be understood as an approval or endorsement of either said media organization, or the products, services or companies discussed.


We gather our news from a wide variety of news sources. As a general policy, we honor requests for source anonymity without exception.


Our policy prohibits all Edgy Labs employees from covering other companies or products on our site if they have a close personal relationship with that company. Also, all writers need to disclose such relationships in their bio (author box).