We offer Search Engine Optimization services with a focus on growth innovation. Search engines update their algorithms hundreds of times a year. Thanks to our proprietary technology we are among the first to know how to adapt to and take advantage of each change effectively.We provide consistent and measurable results, thanks to our in-depth knowledge and proven expertise. As a recognized global provider of SEO services, Edgy Labs would be honored to work with you in dominating your brand.

How SEO Services Work

Via site architecture optimization, on-site optimization of content and structure, quality link building and public relations leadership, Edgy Labs SEO services increase SERP rankings. In turn, improved visibility results in increased traffic and deliver ROI.

Site Architecture Optimization

Ensure an optimal site and link structure.

On-Page Optimization

Perfect your page content and SEO.

Link Building & PR

Boost your keyword ranking.

Site Architecture Optimization

Spectacular search ranking gains realization is possible by leveraging the value of your existing organic links by process of site and page architecture optimization. Google likes to discover gems of pages with amazing content. Fully optimized sites and pages are easier to rank, with nothing stopping them from achieving full ROI potential.

Site Architecture Optimization Checklist

  • Site loading speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Duplicate content
  • Redirect chains
  • Canonical errors
  • Incorrect uses of directives (noindex, nofollow, etc)
  • Duplicate META data
  • 404 errors
  • 302 redirects

On-Page Optimization

We optimize each individual page to achieve higher search engine ranking and to attract the most relevant visitors. Every page we optimize technically first, and then we optimize the content. We always serve the interest of the searcher, with a focus on delivering the answers and experience they expect.

On-Page Optimization Factors

  • Site Architecture Optimization Checklist
  • Image Optimization
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Optimal Use of Tags
  • Optimal Use of Meta-Data
  • Canonical errors
  • Responsive Design

Link Building & PR

Our off-page SEO optimization strategy begins with opportunity discovery. Edgy Labs experts constantly scan web properties for keyword opportunities. Proprietary scraping technology allows us to identify content and pages for which an SEO opportunity becomes available. Once identified, we put each keyword and target page through a SWOT analysis, using state of the art industry tools, build a customized campaign around that keyword, crushing competition, and ensuring rapid results.

Foundational Backlink Strategies

  • Social Media Amplification
  • Business Listings & Citations
  • Niche-Targeted Directories
  • Geo-Targeted Directories
  • Niche-Relevant Blog Comments
  • Niche-Relevant Forum Comments

Power Backlink Strategies

  • Blogger Outreach DA 10,20,30+ Links
  • Niche-Relevant Guest Posts
  • Expert Intent-Based Research for Link Copy

About our SEO Services

We begin with research and find out why search engines like Google give your competitors the top spot. Our technology allows us to know why Google likes their content, backlinks, site architecture, and on-page optimization.As our next step, we build a strategy to outperform the competition. Finally, we implement that plan with our US-based team of expert writers, computer scientists, and marketing psychologists.

An Overview of our SEO Services Technology

Managing hundreds of thousands of keywords and landing pages is a serious logistical challenge. Many SEO services companies know what to do in theory but fail at executing their processes reliably and fail to guarantee consistent results as their customer base grows.For this reason, Edgy Labs has developed StackTools technology. Thanks to StackTools, we can achieve unprecedented scale.

We built custom technology to deliver best-in-class SEO services at an unprecedented scale. Our approach to logistics is akin to a digital assembly line, where we combine humans & robotics (AI, automated routines) to achieve consistent results. Also, our Edgy Labs blog is the ultimate laboratory, allowing us to test our newest techniques on a live and growing audience. By consistently measuring the impact of new routines and pushing updates through our “High-Velocity Growth Engine,” we have built a name for ourselves in the industry.

Scaling Via Automation

We have built an impressive automation SEO services API, and are adding new skills all the time. Our automation can handle anything from auto-indexing links we've created to technically analyzing pages. We have also built machine learning into our SEO services API. These functions allow our HR to maximize their time on tasks that only humans can perform, and helps them to make better decisions faster.

Scaling Human Resources

When it comes to building links, we invest a ridiculous amount of work hours into each project. We have close to 30 dedicated teams each specialized in certain techniques. For example, we have an entire team dedicated to building links on Facebook, another committed to building links on Blogs, etc. How do we make this all work? We created custom chrome extension helpers for each team member. Our tool automatically assigns the next task and delivers context and instruction. It also load-balances work assignments to ensure each job is completed on time and distributed evenly over time.

Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO

Search Engine rankings continue to be important. Having high search engine rankings for your main keywords is a proven way to attract more targeted visitors. Organic visitors tend to convert very high if the content of the page matches the intent of the keyword. There is also the opportunity cost when competitors or sales aggregator websites outrank you for your main business keywords.