Growth Hacking

Edgy Labs is your turn-key solution for all things Growth Hacking. Whether you’re a brand new start up with a nifty new product/service or you’re an established business/brand who wants to expand their audience, we can develop strategies guaranteed to provide returns on your investments – and, we can do this on the budget that best fits your needs.

SEO servicesBy combining the specialties and skills such as the problem-solving abilities of engineers, the creativity of web developers, and the analytical pragmatism of marketing gurus, Edgy Labs utilizes Growth Hacking techniques to discern the most efficient and effective ways to grow a particular business.

Practical applications of this method include:

  • Robust social media campaigns
  • Supplementary blogs and collateral content
  • Support from and involvement of influencers in your industry
  • A/B split level testing of variable content
  • Personal brand identity development and implementation
  • Diverse distribution mediums and audience engagement techniques
  • Targeted marketing tactics
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Early adoption of the latest technology and software
  • Data interpretation and analysis

growth hacking service offeringsWith traditional marketing mediums such as radio, tv, and print, you can incur costs and hindrances beyond the current scope of your business. Growth Hacking utilizes the inherent trait of an item or service to market itself. Super meta, right?

This is the kind of stuff we geek out over: when ingenuity and tech combine to create potentially unlimited success. Email us at and let’s geek out together!

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