Bioware lead writer Mark Darrah recently announced that E3 will not see ANY Dragon Age news of any kind. But can we believe him?

The Dragon Age titles, along with Mass Effect, are the most successful games released by the Bioware studio. And, after the disappointment of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Bioware fans are in dire need of some good news.

That’s why hype about a potential Dragon Age 4 release at E3 is slowly starting to gain traction online. Although Mark Darrah might be denying these rumors, that’s not what the voice actor for the character Cullen said on Twitter.

What’s the latest Bioware news and why are fans so suspicious?

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Bioware Says no Dragon Age 4 News — Or do They?

So, I’m a total dweeb and I follow someone named Ghil Dirthalen on YouTube and Twitter.

She keeps up with all things Dragon Age, but she probably didn’t expect former Dragon Age writer, David Gaider, to respond to her random tweet about soon-to-be-released novels from within the Dragon Age games.

But his reply wasn’t one of excitement or encouragement; it was of metered surprise. It seems that neither EA or Bioware informed him that his work would be translated into bound books for sale.

There doesn’t seem to be bad blood, however, as Patrick Weekes promised Gaider royalties. Weekes, along with Mark Darrah, remain on the EA/Bioware staff.

But the real drama comes from Darrah announcing (as above) that there will be no DA4 news at E3 or EAPlay. Despite this, the voice actor for the character Cullen tweeted the following:

There was another, more explosive tweet that Greg Ellis has since deleted. Still, the fandom remains ever fervent and curious with Ellis “leaking” small details.

He even replied to his own Twitter thread, leaking more details about how the game he’s working on “contains two of the letter ‘a’ within its title.” Either it’s a new Dragon Age, or Greg Ellis thinks that Bioware’s upcoming Anthem game is spelled with two a’s.

Bioware, the developer of the Dragon Age games, seems unlikely to release a surprise Dragon Age 4 given their significant media boost for upcoming game Anthem.

However, it seems as though there is something under the gaming company’s sleeve.

As with most modern gaming companies, Bioware is keeping its cards close to their chest. But, it seems like E3 will bring us at least one surprise from them — whether that’s a pleasant or disappointing announcement is yet to be seen.

Do you think Greg Ellis is talking about Dragon Age 4? Or is he just messing with his fans?


Commenter Holly Smith pointed out that Greg Ellis was talking about World of Warcraft and not Dragon Age 4. The #cullenites hashtag was merely a cruel tease.

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