CES Special: Mini 4K Dobby Drone Fits in the Palm of Your Hand


Drone technology is getting more impressive every day, and so is the miniaturization of that technology. Take a quick look at this miniature 4k camera drone to see what we mean.

DJI is the big dog in the high-end camera drone market, but given all of the possible applications of drone-ready cameras, they don’t have everything. Zerotech’s 4K Dobby drone is a specialized ‘selfie’ drone small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. It can launch from and land on the palm of your hand.

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Benefits of the 4K Dobby Drone

The 4K Dobby drone weighs less than half a pound. Its tiny design makes it less likely to damage anything with which it collides. As a result, it doesn’t need to be registered with the FAA.

For storage purposes, the Dobby unit folds up into an object the size of a bar of soap. The small size will make the Dobby ideal when you are in a location that doesn’t have good landing spots. To top it all off, the drone will automatically land if you place your hand within six inches of its underside.

Dobby uses computer vision software to track you. It will begin to follow you once it has identified your face. Yet, be careful as obstacle avoidance doesn’t come with the package.

The drone is controlled via your smartphone. All you need to do is start the rotors with an app and toss it into the air. You’ll still have to pay attention to certain areas that don’t allow drone operation. These include operating ski resorts, certain national forest, and many government and commercial facilities.

The Dobby will retail for $399 USD, but if the device is as convenient and reliable as it sounds, then it may be worth the price. Especially when compared to the $499 Lily camera drone, which is much larger.

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