Bitcoin ATMs are Popping up in Cities Worldwide

bitcoin atms
EasyBit has now collaborated with Bitcoin Vietnam |

EasyBit is working on expanding its network of Bitcoin ATMs, with four new two-way ATMs installed in Texas that will make Bitcoin transactions easier, safer and quicker for customers. This is another boost for an already growing acceptance of virtual currencies by merchants and consumers alike.

Nearly 3.5 new Bitcoin ATMs are installed each day worldwide.Click To Tweet

A BTC ATM Near me!

bitcoin atmsFounded in 2013 by Bitcoin enthusiasts, EasyBit is a BTC ATM company based in Seattle. The company partnered with two Bitcoin ATM manufacturers (BitAccess and GenesisCoin) and launched its first Bitcoin ATM at a Thai restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
While Bitcoin’s global adoption is accelerating faster than ever, EasyBit is trying to capture its share of this attractive market by continuing the deployment of its ATMs dedicated to Bitcoin. EasyBit now has 32 BTC ATMs scattered across eight countries, including five in Europe (Croatia, Greece, Denmark, Slovenia and Italy), one in Asia (Vietnam), in addition to the United States and Canada.

After Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii and Colorado, EasyBit launched four new Bitcoin automated teller machines across four different locations in Texas: three in Austin, and one in Manchaca. Thus, Texas is the sixth U.S. state to offer Bitcoin ATMs.

Bitcoin ATMs in the World

BTC ATMs are popping up around the world and especially in the US. Based on data from the two previous months, 3.43 BTC ATM opens every day in the world. The four new EasyBit ATMs add up to 647 Bitcoin ATM in the United States, more than half of all Bitcoin ATMs in the world (1,033 ATMs in total by February 27).

After Robocoin installed the first Bitcoin machine in Vancouver in 2013, the number of Bitcoin ATMs is rapidly growing. However, their geographical distribution is greatly uneven, with 73.28 % of them are located in North America and 20.62% in Europe. Over 64% of BTC ATMs are two-way (selling and buying Bitcoin), with the rest only one-way (selling).

bitcoin atms
After once de facto banning cryptocurrencies in Russia, the countries centralized bank now wishes to create constructive regulation for the currency. Russia is now creating cryptocurrency infrastructure worldwide. |

The network of Bitcoin kiosks will undoubtedly continue to grow. More brick and mortar stores would be willing to increase their revenue and customer traffic by simply hosting a 2×2 feet machine. However, before purchasing and installing an ATM, law-complying procedures are required depending on the location. Because BTC ATMs are physical, location is key for them to bring profit. Business owners should do their due diligence before installation.

As it stands, Bitcoin ATMs are commonplace. But are they even ATMs? Wikipedia says that ‘Bitcoin ATM’ is a neologism. Edgy Labs Readers: What should we call the growing number of Bitcoin exchange machines worldwide? Comment with the name you think is best. 

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