August Home smart lock recently paired with Airbnb to provide users and hosts with 21st-century security. But, is it necessary?

IoT devices integrate with more and more aspects of home building and everyday living every year. The latest in smart lock technology seeks to further this integration with a unique path to success.

The August Home smart lock are teaming up with Airbnb to provide smart locks to give their hosts some peace of mind. But is it any better than just a regular key?

How This Smart Lock Stands out

In a world full of smart home devices such as conductive wallpaper, you need to stand out.

First of all, August Home has one of the best marketing taglines I’ve ever seen. “Your smart home starts at the front door.” That’s a copywriting team ready for primetime y’all.

But beyond the sleek ad campaigns and smart copy, the smart lock seeks to offer slick and simple peace of mind. At first glance, it seems like it does just that and more.

The website claims that the August Home smart lock comes with proprietary DoorSense and Auto-Lock technologies. These two features help you maintain control of the smart lock from both in and out of your home.

image of how August Home Auto-Lock Technology works for article August Home Smart Lock Seeks Future With Airbnb
August Home Auto-Lock Technology

Auto-Unlock unlocks your door from within 5 meters and automatically locks the door after you leave a 200-meter radius. Auto-Unlock and other August Home app features do need updating as OS updates roll out.

But the August Home app allows you to monitor your lock from anywhere with your smartphone. That’s why the Airbnb and August Home partnership makes perfect sense.

As shown in the above ad, you can definitely see the appeal for Airbnb hosts.

image of still from Disney film Smart House for article August Home Smart Lock Seeks Future With Airbnb
Hopefully, fans out there can relive their Smart House fantasy thanks to the growth of the IoT industry. | Disney

How This Fits Into the Smart House Landscape

In the same way smart thermostats make sense for homeowners, smart locks make sense for Airbnb hosts. Some homeowners may still be reluctant to adopt smart locks for personal use as they pose the same risks other IoT devices come with.

But other IoT devices like energy monitoring devices outweigh those risks. The same may be true for Airbnb hosts and homeowners valuing convenience over potential hacking.

More than just IoT devices, you have smart home concepts like the UK-based company Alcove.

Alcove’s home system leverages technology to help elderly and disabled people. We profiled the company and its CEO Hellen Bowery back in a May article when they announced their intentions to break into the U.S market.

Since August Home cannot provide services like Alcove, the partnership with Airbnb makes even more sense to enhance the company’s longevity and success rate. Airbnb also aims for a late 2019 IPO.

Perhaps, for the sake of Airbnb’s success, the August Home partnership will debunk the extent of IoT device risks instead of exemplifying them.

How can other emerging technologies band together to embrace the future?

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