Artificial Intelligence

As a healthy part of a balanced Futurist breakfast, we can’t exclude artificial intelligence and machine learning from our list of service offerings.

If you’re thinking of self-driving cars, adaptive online ads, or even your FitBit, you’re on the right track! The next question, of course, is: what does this mean for the future of my business?

Not only is machine learning integral to many Growth Hacking strategies, it is an ever increasing presence and game-changer in the finance, insurance, and healthcare industries. Similarly to the Internet of Things, machine learning can lead to automation of specific tasks that can make once impossible goals as easy as pushing a button or as a second-nature as blinking.

Machine Learning can be incorporated into almost every facet of your business:

  • Sensory Input – accessing and analyzing sensory data from the real world
  • Speech Processing – recognition of speech and expression patterns to attain meaning from language inputs
  • Decision Analysis – diagnosing, displaying, and formally assessing important facets of decision-making
  • Predictive Analytics – identifying risks and opportunities to assert conceivable predictions for the future based on previously collected data and inputs
  • Social Network Analysis – discovering social structures, trends, and patterns through the analysis of social spaces online
  • Anomaly Detection – classifying items, conclusions, or events which are not in conformity with expected data patterns

Edgy Labs utilizes our built-in audience for your benefit – all while maintaining a level of authenticity and transparency without sacrificing any knowledge or ease of access.

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