As a content sharing and discussion website, Reddit is an unrivaled marketing platform for businesses. However, it is unrivaled in its difficulty to engage as well as its efficiency when engaged.

Reddit proclaims itself to be the front page of the internet. For now, that is an irrefutable fact.

Ranked number 7 in the world and number 4 in the U.S., receives over 27 million unique visitors on a daily basis. Each user generates 10 page views on average per day (equaling 8 billion per month across the userbase).

Every day, about 250 million Redditors generate an astounding 40 million searches and 5 million comments. Talk about an engaged community!

These stats should make the mouth of any advertiser water. However, there are some things to remember if you want to use Reddit effectively as a marketer.

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How Reddit is Different

Reddit is different from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social platforms. It has a strong reputation for its anonymity and democratic forum. Upvoting and downvoting dictates whether a post slides up in the ranking or falls to the bottom, respectively.

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Redditors are hiding behind a persona which often has nothing to do with the person behind the username. This anonymity could arguably create an environment of irresponsibility and negativity.


However, the anonymity of Reddit also allows people to be more spontaneous and even more honest.

reddit front page
Red number key: 1. The number of upvotes (downvotes are in the negatives) 2. Example of a pay-for-promotion post 3. (A) indicates an administrator user, speaking on behalf of Reddit | Reddit Homepage |


As for “democracy of the system”, regardless of the status or “karma” of Redditors, their posts are treated equally. Only upvotes and downvotes decide which content goes up to the front page or down into oblivion.

You might see now why subreddits are better places to focus your promotional strategy.

This means that you can’t manipulate posts to reach the front page. The medium itself forces you to create high quality and engaging content.

Great content is the only way to really ensure that your post gets a positive reaction. In that regard, quality is far better than quantity when it comes to posting on this site.

Reddit Rules and Etiquette

Reddit has a whole set of guidelines that users should follow in their interaction with content (link submissions, comments, voting, and advertising).

These guidelines, known as “Rediquette”, are extremely important to follow if you don’t want your content to be downvoted or removed.

Reddit Homepage
Anything goes on the homepage, but subreddits are much different |

Most subreddits have their own etiquette rules enforced by vigilant moderators. The best way to make sure you don’t cross any lines is by looking at the subreddit’s sidebar where guidelines are usually listed.

There are also specific rules for content, the Reddit Content Policy, which is strictly adhered to by most moderators.

Blatant Marketing: no-no!

If you can’t commit reasonable time to be active on Reddit, it may not be the platform for you. In most cases, you can’t start promoting your business right away.

Before getting to promote your brand on Reddit, you need to be a Redditor who adds value to the community.

Reddit’s fake Confucius sums it up quite nicely:

“It’s perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it’s not okay to be a website with a Reddit account.” -Reddit Confucius

Redditors use the platform to share links, images, videos, or to start a discussion thread on pretty much anything. From pet photos and memes to political debate, religion, social commentary, arts, tech and science news, there is literally a subreddit for everything. For example, there is a subreddit with over 27,000 users that is entirely dedicated to pictures of a guy sleeping.

pictures of ian sleeping subreddit

People on Reddit, just like anywhere else on the web, are there to find info and get entertained. It’s the quality of your content that’ll gather upvotes and possibly make it to Reddit’s front page.

The top scoring and most popular posts are featured front and center on Reddit, which, remember, is the web’s front page. On the off chance that your link is featured on Reddit’s front page, your site is set to hit a traffic jackpot which can overload some servers.

This is sometimes known as the Reddit “Hug of Death“.

Just remember, you have to play it cool on Reddit. Your posts intention can’t be to convert Redditors into customers.

Paid Reddit Promotion

Some advertisers can be put off by Reddit’s poor interface and reputation for being a more “loose” platform compared to Facebook or Twitter, but this is a sentiment and precaution that became irrelevant years ago. Reddit has become an extremely open and interactive site in recent years that makes it easy for users and marketers alike to begin using and enjoying its platform.

Reddit has over 50,000 communities with shared interests and innumerable subreddits that cover any conceivable niche. This makes running super targeted ads as easy as finding the right subreddit. Ad targeting on Reddit is far easier than it sounds.

Depending on your budget and target audience, you can launch paid advertising campaigns to the entirety of Reddit or target it to specific subreddits.

However, Reddit has a habit of creating inside jokes that are sometimes difficult to understand at first. For example, you would think the subreddit r/superbowl would be related to the biggest American football game of the year but in fact, it’s actually dedicated to pictures of superb owls.

Make sure to do your research before beginning your ad campaign, as sometimes the inner workings of Reddit can be a little hard to understand.

Just as an aside, Redditors tend to ignore shortlinks. You’re not on Twitter, don’t use short URLs and instead just submit the whole thing.

To sum up, Reddit is a platform that is more difficult to understand than other sites such as Twitter or Facebook. However, it is a golden opportunity for many that choose to go the extra mile and understand its inner workings. Remember to be honest with your audience. Also, make sure that that audience is the right one for you.

Reddit is an endless stream of user-generated content and user interaction. It is a goldmine for any company promoting their product or service.

However, don’t make your audience feel exploited or targeted by your ads.

Do you have any tips or tricks for advertising on Reddit? Have you found a way to balance product promotion vs. user engagement? Or do you think companies should be banned from promoting with the use of Reddit accounts?

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