Quote of the Week: Harriet Green on Driving Change

tomertu | Shutterstock.com

“The more uncomfortable something is, the more we know we are driving change.” ― Harriet Green (1961 – )

An accomplished businesswoman, historian and one of the most powerful women in the UK, Harriet Green heads up three business division at computing giant IBM.  

An obstacle is a catalyst for innovation, and innovation is a catalyst for change.

Change is not usually easy, welcomed or fast, but new technologies are changing that. They are often called “disruptive” precisely because they abruptly change established ways of doing things and completely restructure our world view. Without difficulty and without disruptions, however, life would have no reason to adapt. Without adaptation, we would never improve.

Human ingenuity is defined by that fact that when we have a problem, we don’t let that stop us. We combine our intellect and our experience to envision a solution, and we refine a technique until that solution becomes a reality.

When we push ourselves past our limits, we raise the standard for success for ourselves and for others― even if we fail. Edgy Labs is driving change and raising global standards by helping our clients solve problems using the most beneficial technologies and creative strategies.

Stuck on a problem? Reach out to us at hello@edgylabs.com to get started on a Next-gen solution.

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