While a lot of marketing tools and techniques made their debut this year, only 7 made it to Banner Owl’s list of marketing trends worth watching this 2018.

Early this year, the online banner and sign printing company Banner Owl released their list of 7 marketing trends worth watching in 2018. The infographic was short, sweet, and on-point.

In this infographic, the Banner Owl team left every marketer and growth hacking hopeful the key to improving their site’s visibility and success.

So, if you’re one of the marketers who were able to get a glimpse of the infographic and used it to augment your marketing strategies, congratulations! We bet you might be reaping the benefits of your action by now.

However, if you failed to see the infographic, don’t fret — Edgy Labs has got you covered.

Why is it Essential to Monitor new Marketing Trends?

The success or failure of a business and marketing strategy relies heavily on the latest trends. That’s why it is essential that marketers and entrepreneurs should remain on top of it in real time.

As a marketer, you can keep yourself updated by continually measuring and monitoring today’s happenings in the online marketplace scene. This includes keeping an eagle eye on the things and technologies that grab the most attention from your audience or competition.

Remember, technology plays a significant role in many industries today. It affects nearly everything, and that includes the trends that rule the digital marketing landscape as well. Below are the marketing trends that you need to watch out for this year.

7 Marketing Trends Worth Watching in 2018 Infographic
7 Marketing Trends Worth Watching in 2018 Infographic | Banner Owl | bannerowl.com

The digital marketing scene continuously grows, and this continuously leads to a new generation of customer engagement across different aspects of life. As shown in the infographic released by the Banner Owl team, marketing trends today are driven by new channels and media like social networking platforms, video marketing, and artificial intelligence.

If you monitor these marketing trends closely, you may reap the following benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Improved customer relation
  • More engagements
  • Increased traffic
  • Better content
  • Increased ROI

Now, if you still don’t know how to take advantage of these trends, click here for a full step-by-step guide.

What do you think is the next big trend in marketing?

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