5 Startups That Achieved Massive Success With Content Marketing


“Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left” -Seth Godin

According to this report by Demand Metrics, content marketing costs 67% less and returns 3x more leads per dollar than traditional advertising.

In this article, Edgy Labs will give you examples of companies that used content to drive growth.

5 Startups That Achieved Massive Success With Content Marketing:

1. Mint

Mint.com Homepage

Mint is a personal finance app.  Mint launched in September 2007 and by November 2009 it sold to Intuit for $170 Million USD after growing to over 1 million users in just 2 years.

The Mint team then wanted a cheap way to market the app. With Mint being a finance product, they had no social or viral loop built into the app.

Mint started a Personal Finance Blog to get the word out there. They wrote about various topics on finance. They interviewed Tech CEOs and top finance people for a series they created called “What’s in Your Wallet”. They also had a series called “Trainwreck Tuesday” where people talked about the financial disasters.

Mint blog quickly became #1 blog in Personal Finance even before launch. By the time they launched, they had built a huge email list of over 30k people.

2. Buffer

Buffer Homepage

Buffer is one of the most popular Social Media tools presently with over 69k paying customers and $1.2M USD monthly revenue.

Initially, their plan was to gain traction by getting big tech blogs to write about their app. When that failed their founder Leo Widrich turned to guest blogging.

He started out by writing 2-3 articles per month on Social Media. He later increased it to 3-4 articles per week. Within 10 months, Buffer had gained over 100,000 users from Guest blogging alone.

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3. HubSpot

Hubspot Homepage

70% of HubSpot‘s leads come from Inbound Marketing. Their marketing blog has over 300,000 subscribers and receives over 2 million visits each month.

When they launched in 2006, HubSpot combined high-quality content and lead magnets to generate leads. They offered eBooks, White Papers, Case Studies and Webinars in exchange for your people’s emails.

Today HubSpot is a Unicorn and one of the go-to places for internet marketing education.

4. Glossier

Glossier Homepage

Glossier was content first and product second.

Glossier started out as “Into The Gloss“, a blog which exists till date. In The Gloss grew to become one of the biggest makeup and skin care blogs.

In 2014, Emily Weiss took everything she gathered from her audience and launched her first line of beauty products taking her audience behind the scenes every step of the way.

Glossier is still killing it with content marketing. Their Instagram account has over 630k followers.

5. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics Homepage

KISSmetrics is an analytics software platform that was started by popular internet marketers Neil Patel and Hiten Shah.

70% of KISSmetrics leads come from their blog. When they launched Hiten Shah used content curation and twitter hashtags to build a huge following for their twitter account which became their initial source of referrals.

KISSmetrics eventually started a blog which Neil Patel grew from 0 – 350,000 readers in one month.

KISSmetrics blog continues to produce great content about internet marketing till date and is responsible for 80% of the website’s traffic.

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