15 ways Google Pixel is Better Than the iPhone 7

google pixel
Martin Hoscik | Shutterstock.com

Google’s latest entry into the mobile device market is making waves, but how does it stack up against an industry favorite like Apple’s iPhone? Here are 15 reasons that the Google Pixel is superior to the iPhone 7.

1. The Pixel Weighs Less

Weighing in at 168 grams, the Google Pixel XL is far lighter than the iPhone 7 Plus’ 188 Grams.

2. The Pixel Boasts a Stunning AMOLED Display

Google Pixel
Antonio Villas-Boas | Business Insider

The Google Pixel AMOLED display offers richer colors and more subtle contrast when compared with the iPhone’s Retina display.

3. The Pixel has a Better Grip

google pixel
Antonio Villas-Boas | Business Insider

While the iPhone offers a smooth metal backing, the Pixel provides a back with a grip that makes the phone feel more secure in your grip.

4. It Charges Faster

google pixel
SuperSaf TV | YouTube

As evidenced in a video by SuperSaf TV,  The Pixel’s USB-C charging cable allows it to reach 100% charge while the iPhone 7 Plus is still only at 72%.

5. It Also has a Longer Battery Life

Due to Android’s Doze feature, the Pixel is more efficient at reducing power consumption when it isn’t being used.

6. You can Make the Pixel go Faster

If you don’t much care for flashy animations, you can adjust the Android OS to eliminate them and increase the speed of your operations.

7. Smaller Phone, Same Size Screen

google pixel
Antonio Villas-Boas | Business Insider

The Pixel is slightly smaller than the iPhone 7, but its screen is the same size as its competitor.

8. The Android OS

google pixel
Antonio Villas-Boas | Business Insider

Many prefer the Android OS because it offers features like the universal back button, home screen customization, and more control over notifications.

9. Better Resolution

The Pixel’s AMOLED screen renders images at 1440p, as opposed to the iPhone 7’s 1080p resolution.

10. The Pixel has a Better Front Camera

The Pixel has one more megapixel in its front camera than the iPhone 7, and for all the selfie enthusiasts that one megapixel can make a huge difference.

11. The Camera has a Larger Aperture

The aperture of a camera is meant to take in light.

The Pixel's camera has a larger aperture, making it more useful in low light conditions than the iPhone 7.Click To Tweet

12. 4GB of RAM

At 4GB of RAM, the Pixel has twice the memory capacity of the iPhone 7.

13. VR Compatibility

google pixel
Daydream | Vr.google.com

The Pixel is compatible with the Google Daydream View headset, and people who pre-ordered the phone also got a free Daydream as a bonus. Apple… doesn’t have any announcements regarding an integration of VR with the iPhone.

14. The Pixel has a Headphone Jack

Apple has garnered no small amount of criticism for removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 for their BlueTooth-enabled AirPods. For those of us who still enjoy our wired headphones, the Pixel allows us to keep using them.

15. Assistant has the Edge Over Siri

Siri may have been the first digital assistant on the mobile market, but Google’s Assistant is proving an effective competitor. It brings its superior response and language processing technology to the Pixel.

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