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Gravitational Waves kilonova

Astrophysicists Discover Gravitational Waves From a Kilonova

Ripples in the fabric of space and time have been observed once again; this time, researchers found the gravitational waves from two neutron stars millions of light-years away. Another astrophysics breakthrough was reported when LIGO scientists spotted...
antimatter spotted

Breakthrough: Fingerprints of Antimatter Spotted by CERN Researchers

For years, scientists from different parts of the world have spent time and effort to try and answer one of the most fundamental questions in physics: why all things appear to be made of...
knot theory

Knot Theory: The World Inside Your Shoe Laces

William Thomson once theorized that atoms were knots formed from ethereal vortices. He was wrong, but the successive research created knot theory and may shed light on the structure of proteins and DNA.  Thomson was...