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NASA Tests Flexible Solar Array, ROSA, on ISS for Future Solar Propulsion

NASA has been testing its new solar array on the ISS for a week. After encountering some difficulties to roll it back, the solar panel was jettisoned. NASA has been working on developing a flexible...
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Top 5 U.S. Cities Powered by Renewable Energy

Five cities in five different US states are already powering public buildings on 100% renewable energy. This is nothing short of a triumph, given that in America, fossil energy sources are still king, and...
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SolarCity Rooftop Struggle in Nevada Fuels Solar Wars

SolarCity has chosen to invest heavily in the Nevada solar power sector in a move that has brought the renewable energy provider into direct competition with traditional providers like NV Energy. While consumers welcome the...
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IEA Projects Renewable Energy Growth Led by China

The International Energy Agency ("IEA") has improved its outlook on wind and solar installations after ten years of poor expectations for renewable energy growth. Initially founded as an energy industry watchdog following the 1970s OPEC...